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Vagina Pimples Care and Treatment

If you're looking for a cure, or maybe wondering about the cause or symptoms because you need to know everything you need to know about vaginal acne or pimples on the vagina then you should know that vagina pimples is not very different to acne or pimples that you will find anywhere else on the body. There are not a lot of difference in the skin of the face, the back or the areas around the vagina. Some parts are just more sensitive than the other.

Care, cure, cause and symptoms are the same.

It is a bit embarrassing to have pimples or acne around the area of the vagina or the vagina itself, but they are just pimples. And pimples are easily cured with proper medication. The primary cause of any acne outburst is the clogging of the skin pores that prevents the release of skin oil, which protects the skin from all sorts of skin abnormalities like skin discoloration or in this case acne and pimples, by the way, the oil that gets trapped is called "sebum".

This blocking of the skin pores irritates the skin by the skin's natural protective bacteria. So in this case these bacteria do more harm than it does good, in this case, instead of keeping the skin healthy, it irritates the skin and cause inflammation.

Inflammation is the body's natural reaction to foreign substance or bacteria, and this inflammation causes black heads, acne, whiteheads, cyst and of course pimples.

Like I mentioned before, treating pimples and acne is not limited to just the face or any specific part of the body. Taking care of acne infected area, the cure and cause are almost always the same. But generally, these few reminders that I will list below should help in their prevention.

1. Do not pick on your pimples, acne, zits, black heads or whiteheads. Do not touch them. Touching them can introduce more foreign substance to them or bacteria that can make things worse.

2. It will be a good idea to keep away from pimple causing food with lots of vegetable oils, spice that is commonly found in junk foods and dairy products.

3. Consider getting home remedies that can prevent acne or pimple breakouts. You would want to do this specially if the area affected is the area around the vagina.

About the last point about Home remedies. You will want to go trough this route because you can administer the remedy at the privacy of your own home. But ultimately you will have to choose which one is the best, but I suggest to look for ones that are 'light' and made for sensitive skin.